#4(4), 1996

The contents

        Dear readers!
        40 anniversation of renewval of diplomatic relationship between Russia and Japan
Origami for beginners
        Dog introduced by Peter Budai (Hungary)
        Rat by Valentina Cukanova (Russia)
        Happy Santa by John Smith (England)
        Boot for presents (classical model)
    Children's corner
        Badger's head by Timur Zaitsev (Russia)
        Frog's mask by Veronika Prostiakova (Russia)
        Russian spoon by Veronika Prostiakova (Russia)
        Cat by Sasha Petrova (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        Origami Christmas trees
        Origami and Tsar's family
        Silver sandwich
       Modules by N.Yaremenko
        Modules-1 by Nikolai Yaremenko (Ukraine)
        Modules-2 by Nikolai Yaremenko (Ukraine)
        Modules-3 by Nikolai Yaremenko (Ukraine)
        Modules-4 by Nikolai Yaremenko (Ukraine)
        Modules-5 by Nikolai Yaremenko (Ukraine)
Origamist's Portrait
        Peter Budai
        Ram by Peter Budai (Hungary)
        Tropical fish by Peter Budai (Hungary)
        Svetlana Sokolova
        Snowgirl by Svetlana Sokolova (Russia)
Origami for the connoisseurs
        Dragon with wings by Peter Budai (Hungary)
  Practical origametry
New works
        Kusudama by Tatiana Kolesnikova (Russia)
        Heart on a glass by Sandra Afonkina (Russia)
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Japan culture
        Fall time in Japan