#1(5), 1997

The Contents

        Origami conference in St.Petersburg
        Symbols in origami and some folding's methods
Origami for beginners
        Postcard for festival
                Postcard with flower by Irmtraud Weininger (Germany)
                Papaver by Valentina Pudova (Russia)
                Snake introduced by Thoki Yenn (Danemark)
                Ferrari (classical model)
Children's corner
                Wind's wheel by Sergei Parfenow (Russia)
                Chinese vase by Maria Gorbunova (Russia)
Origami for the Teachers
        Game "don't say..."
        Rescue service 911
                Word's pussle. Introduced by Judy Hall (USA)
        Leo Tolsoy and origami
Origamist's Portrait
        V.Bescrovnyh - conjurer from Roitlingen
                Volcan by Viktor Beskrownych (Russia)
                Elephant by Viktor Beskrownych (Russia)
                Frame by Viktor Beskrownych (Russia)
        Brilliant Brill
                Gift box by David Brill (England)
                Rat by David Brill (England)
                Napkin hedgehog by Pavel Borisov (Russia)
                Napkin dove by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
Origami for the Connoisseurs
                Sphinx by Viktor Beskrownych (Russia)
                Bottle by David Brill (England)
Practical Origametry
New works
                Dwarf by Javier Caboblanco (Spain)
        Knot for memory
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
        Origami in search of its meaning