#2(6), 1997

The Contents

        How to registrate a model and copyright in origami
Origami for beginners
        Simple shirt by Gay Merill Gross (USA)
                Approximate folding
                       Yacht with a banner by Alexandr Bassaur (Russia)
                        Bear cub by Alexandr Bassaur (Russia)
                        Foto frame by Sandra Afonkina (Russia)
                        Flower by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
Children's corner
        Bat by Yulia Cravchenko (Russia)
        Table by Alexandr Genusov (Russia)
        Finger's frog by Nastia Zaitsev (Russia)
        Cermet (author is unknown)
                Paper plain competitions
                        Plain by Ph. Right (classical model)
                        Airplane by Oleg Grenrus (Russia)
Origami for the Teachers
        It's easy to build a house
                Kiricomi origami
                        Pony (classical model)
                        Cow by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
                       How to use strips
                                Strip-Snail by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
                                Strip-Cat by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
                                Strip-Rabbit by Sandra Afonkina (Russia)
                                Strip-Bronthosaurus by Sergei and Sandra Afonkin (Russia)
Origamist's Portrait
        Zoo by Erwin Corry
                Seal by Edwin Corrie (England)
                Mouse by Edwin Corrie (England)
        Puppet show by V.Chernov
Origami for the connoisseurs
        Celurosaurus by Vladimir Chernov (Russia)
        Dragon by Edwin Corrie (England)
Practical origametry
New Works
        Knot for memory
Our drawing room
        Yuris Lesnic or 4D origami
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
        Paper museum in Basel