#3(7), 1997

The Contents

       Exhibition of models made by children
        Second All-Russian conference "Origami and education"
Origami for beginners
        Flowers, yachts and butterflies
                Flower by Nick Robinson (England)
                Card composition by Willy Haarsma (Netherlands)
        P.Copper's boats
                Boat (classical model)
                Trap for microbes (classical model)
Children's corner
        Hat by Igor Kassihin (Russia)
        Ornament-10 by Efremov Max (Russia)
        Little fox-1 by Gleb Rybakov (Russia)
        Little fox-2 by Olga Samsonova (Russia)
        Bird by Dima Sukharevsky (Ukraine)
        Duck by Svetlana Yakovleva (Russia)
Origami for the Teachers
        Secrets of trade
        Crockery made of candy's covers
        Wet folding
Origamist's Portrait
        Nick Robinson
                Toad by Nick Robinson (England)
                Elephant's Head by Nick Robinson (England)
                Squid by Nick Robinson (England)
Origami for the Connoisseurs
        Heteromodular origami
                Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex by Javier Caboblanco (Spain)
                Scorpion of by Javier Caboblanco (Spain)
Practical origametry
New works
        Flowers from Jerusalem by Marina Lekomtseva (Russia-Israel)
Our drawing room
        Shiva plows on a ox (finger play)
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
        Traditional japanese costume