#4(8), 1997

The contents

        Fall time....
        Symbols in origami and some folding's methods
Origami for beginners
        Thouthand origami cranes
            Classical crane(classical model
                Pajarita (classical model)
                Hedgehog by Zinaida Oseeva (Russia)
                Mushrooms by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
Children's corner
        Flower by Alexandr Genusov (Russia)
        Eggplant by Sasha Petrova (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        Origami on assembly line
                Mosaics by H.Maier
Origamist's Portrait
       Oricadabra theatre
        Vicente Palacios
                Duchshund by Vicente Palacios (Spain)
                Hat by Vicente Palacios (Spain)
        Yoshio Tsuda
                Duck by Yoshio Tsuda (Japan)
                Butterflies by Yoshio Tsuda (Japan)
        Eugeni Fridrikh
                Elephant by Eugeni Fridrikh (Russia)
                Box with Pajarita by Eugeni Fridrikh (Russia)
Origami for the connoisseurs
        Spaniel by Sasha Petrova (Russia)
       Snail by Elena Afonkina (Russia)
Practical origametry
        Box by Irina Kapitonova (Russia)
Our drawing room
        Children Design Center
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf