#5(9), 1997

The contents

        Origami hymn
Origami for beginners
        Minimal folding
             Minimal Elephant by Paul Jackson (England)
             Minimal Van by Paul Jackson (England)
             Minimal mouse by Paul Jackson (England)
             Minimal fish by Paul Jackson (England)
             Doll by Svetlana Sokolova (Russia)
Children's corner
             Cat's mask by Vadim Sokolov (Russia)
             Wolf's mask by Oleg Belov (Russia)
             Vase by Svetlana Vorobieva (Russia)
              Space shuttle by Yuri Alexandrov (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        Teaching method in a group
               Tato (classical model)
               Fish intriduced by Olga Suharevskajia (Ukraine)
        Origami and brain's activity
Origamist's Portrait
        Paulo mulatinhoand Silke Shroder
              Pencil box by Paulo Mulatinho (Germany)
                Flower box by Paulo Mulatinho (Germany)
               Osterhase by Paulo Mulatinho (Germany)
      "Way to the temple" by L.Kozhina
               Temple by Lubov Kozhina (Russia)
Origami for the connoisseurs
      Spiral sun by Elena Afonkina (Russia)
      Spiral star by Elena Afonkina (Russia)
Practical origametry
Our drawing room
      Sweet houses
Origami News
Book shelf