#6(10), 1997

The contents

        Origami in Central House of painters
Origami for beginners
        Third fir was introduced by Vass Ildiko & Horvath Daniel (Hungary)
        Snowman by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
        Santa by Sergei Afonkin (Russia)
Children's corner
        Fir trees by L.Ganina (Russia)
        Stars from Omsk town by Natacha Zolotareva (Russia)
        Dolphin by Olga Gorbatenko (Russia)
        Letterfold "Niphertiti" by Alexandra Fedotova (Russia)
        Letterfold "Pencil" by Katia Mikhailova (Russia)
        Airplain Ko-1018 by Alexandr Kostukov (Russia)
Origami for the teachers
        Smart fox ( a tale by N.Ostrun)
               Talking Fox introduced by Saburo Case (Japan)
        Kids say...
                Leaf-letters introduced by Peter Budai (Hungary)
Origamist's Portrait
        Tato by M.Uchiyama
                Tato (classical model)
Origami for the connoisseurs
        Inside-out yacht by Alexandr Bassaur (Russia)
Practical origametry
Our drawing room
        Letter from Danemark (classical model)
        Letter from Holland (classical model)
        Fir branch by Svetlana Sokolova (Russia)
New works
       Carnivorus fish by Alexandr Bassaur (Russia)
        Bilboke by Eugenia Parfenova (Russia)
        Woodpeker hat by Sergei Afonkin (Russia) inspired dy Taichiro Hasegawa (Japan)
Culture and traditions
        String games
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf