Origami # 1 (11) 1998

Origami for the Teachers

Birds of happiness

Photo of Belyh

A.G. Belyh

           By using goffering method we may create wings spread out like a fan or fluffed up tails. This is absolutely necessary when you want to make a bird of happiness. Alla G. Belyh introduced it to us. She has been teaching origami at kindergartens N 21 and N 23 of the city of Lomonosov for three years. Her experience shows that a child wants to find a friend in an origami creature. Alla's students create their own magic world by applying origami technique. They use not only paper but beads, sand, pieces of plastic and other materials. Their individual works are collected together in group compositions, so paper rabbits and mice do not feel so lonely anymore. Alla herself is a real handicraft master! She even uses "eggs" left after kindersurpises are eaten, turning them into funny animals.
She sews dolls and makes birds of happiness out of paper. These paper birds look very much like their wooden originals familiar to Alla from her childhood years. People of knowledge say that in old times artists would carve a bird from a piece of wood with 365 hits of an axe, this number equaling to a number of days in a year. Maybe these birds were not that sophisticated but they were endowed with a magical power of a talisman. Later artists started to carve the birds more accurately. These birds lacked mystical powers but sold well! Nowadays people buy wooden birds of happiness eagerly as well. No doubt, since they are very beautiful. If you can't carve a bird out of wood, you can easily make one using paper craft technique of origami, goffering and plastic arts. Follow the instructions!

Birds of happiness photo

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