1(11), 1998

The Contents

Country Oireland (Sergey Afonkin)
Origami for beginners
Forage-cap (classical model)
Handbag (classical model)
Elephant Dumbo by Svetlana Sokolova (Sankt-Peterburg, Russia)
Children's corner
Dog's head by Danila Kupavyh (Kazan, Russia)
The Pendant (Egor Puchinjyan, Saratov, Russia)
Stripped octopus by Zhenia Zorin (Norilsk, Russia)
Heart with arrow by Pavel Borisov (Moscow, Russia)
Pagoda (classical model)
Origami for the Teachers
Book by Elsie Van der Ploeg (Netherlands)
Contest by correspondence-98
Test on origami
Corrugation - 3
Pill Bug by Yoshio Tsuda (Japan)
Bird of happiness by Belykh A.G. (Lomonosov, Russia)
Origamists-miniaturists Olya Anikina and Vasya Shcherbina
Origamist's Portrait
Alfredo Guinta
Fox by Alfredo Giunta (Italy)
Origami for the Connoisseurs
Lizard by Alfredo Guinta (Italy)
Colcottero (weevil) by Alfredo Guinta (Italy)
Practical Origametry
Molecules by Mikhalkinsky
New works
Samovar by Zinaida Oseeva (settlement Zyuzelsky, Ekaterinburg region, Russia)
Kusudama Flowers on the cube by Tatiana Kolesnikova (Moscow, Russia)
Our Drawing room
Philip Nobel
Enchanted beauty (game with the rope)
Origami News
We are written to
Book shelf
Culture and traditions
The Sumo Fighters (by Alina Gorlova )