Origami # 1 (11) 1998

A Portrait of an Origami Master

Alfredo Giunta

           Alfredo Giunta was born on 21 February, 1950 in the small village of Rokkalumer, Sicily. The beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and ancient culture of Italy contributed to early development of his artistic talents. When he was 18 years old he graduated from Arts School in Messin. Later he started teaching the history of fine arts at one of the colleges of Vicenza where he lives now. Alfredo got interested in paper folding when he was very young. At that time he didn't know that this art was called "origami". Then he discovered the Origami made easy book by Kunihiko Kasahara and started to develop his own projects. He joined the Italian Origami Centre and in 1980 published his first brochure about making paper insects. He never stopped to develop his skills. In 1982 he published another brochure (The chess set) and won the first prize in the Origami for children competition. In 1983 in Florence he met a famous Japanese origami master Akira Yoshizava. According to Giunta, "this meeting opened my eyes and I saw new prospects in creating different models. Also I realized how important are the techniques of wet folding". In 1987 he published his first serious book about making paper insects (A. Giunta Origami Gli Insetti - Milano:Il Castello, 1987, 103 pp). Following this book he published a number of other works. Most of all Alfredo is interested in developing new models of paper insects. He believes that their unusual geometry is a real inspiration for creative people. Alfredo's models look very much like real insects. They are very exquisite and graceful. His lizards twist their tails, sparrows bristle their feathers and the bugs displayed in a wooden box seem to be ready to start crawling in different directions. Giunta thinks that the quality of paper is very important for creating particular types of figures. He often uses foil with a paper base that he dyes himself. People always admire his works. If you decide to get an idea of his work you can fold a paper fox (this is really easy!), as well as Lizard and Weevil (more complicated models that are presented in a column Origami for experts). Return to the contents

Photo of Giunta


Giunta's Spider PhotoGiunta's Fly Photo
Giunta's Insect PhotoGiunta's Insect Photo
Giunta's Insect Photo
Giunta's Insect Photo
Giunta's Insect PhotoGiunta's Kitten Photo