Origami # 1 (11) 1998

Origami Test

           How can you check what your students have learned so far? Probably, you have to give them some tasks and then check the results. What kind of tests should they be? Nobody knows. The testing systems for such traditional subjects like algebra, physics or chemistry have been worked out a long time ago. Each year they come out as books. But as far as origami is concerned, this subject is rather new and we have to develop special exercises and tests for people who teach it. Origami starts to publish two pages of origami tests from this very issue! These tests are of different levels of complexity. The first level is for beginners (for instance, for those people who study origami with a teacher by Origami at school and at home textbook). The second level is intended for people with some origami experience (people who attend origami classes or those who are in their second year of studies). The evaluation system is also variable, from yes/no method to the regular five-mark scale. Our editorial team will be grateful for any comments you make or any experiences you share with us. We would like to know what tests proved themselves to be more practical and should be used by origami teachers and what tests should be dropped out. Or maybe you have some ideas of your own? We are all ears! The methods of origami teaching and testing are being created right now and we believe that it is exciting to be a part of the process! Return to the contents