Origami # 1 (11) 1998

Origami for the Teachers

Miniature in origami

           Some people who are keen on origami impulsively start producing very small figures. These people are miniaturists. If the famous Levsha, the hero of a Russian tale who shoed a flea was introduced to the art of paper folding, he would create pieces of art similar to the works by Olya Anikina from Cheboksary. Several dozens of figures folded by her from tracing paper can be easily hold on a palm! Vasya Thcherbina from 52 school taught by I.V. Prihodko is also a real master of miniture! The length of his origami swan is less than half a match. Origami allows you to find real miniaturist talents in your class. Why don't you hold a following competition. Ask kids to fold a simple figure from a tiny square of paper. And you will definitely find one or two miniaturists among your students. The talents will speak for themselves! This competition might prove itself useful when choosing a future profession for a child. People who prefer miniature usually are good at electronics, surgery, etc. The aim of school education is to provide assistance and guidance for a child so he/she would make a correct choice when choosing a profession. Please, send us works by young miniaturists! Return to the contents

Photo of Anikina

Olya Anikina, Cheboksary

Photo of Thcherbina

Vasya Thcherbina, SPb

Works Thcherbina Photo Works Anikina Photo

Works of Vasya Thcherbina and Olya Anikina