Origami # 1 (11) 1998

Origami for the Teachers

Competitions by correspondence 98

For four years the Mathematics department of Omsk State University with the assistance of the school N 139 has been conducting origami competitions (both external, by correspondence, and internal) sponsored by the Education department of the city of Omsk. These competitions allow all the volunteers to show what they have learned in the field of paper-folding. Every student from any Russian or CIS city may take part in these competitions. The tasks are chosen in accordance with the age groups (1-3 grades, 5-7 grades, 8-11 grades plus post graduates). Some of the tasks are obligatory and some are not. This time the obligatory tasks will be taken from this very issue of Origami magazine.

In order to take part in these competitions, send your works to the following address: S. Belim, Origami Center, bld Zarechny 8, school N 139, Omsk, 644119.

Please, indicate your surname, first name, age, school/college where you study. Do not forget to enclose an envelope with return address. The list of winners of competitions 98 will be published in our magazine.

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