Origami 1 (11) 1998


A few years ago many Russian kids and adults have been inspired by our magazine to get acquainted with a wonderful land where everything is made out of paper. The name of this land is Orilandia. You won't find it on a globe. It does not exist on a political map. It does not belong to a material world. Its borders do not divide continents and countries. Orilandia exists only in the imagination of tireless inventors eager to venture into the world of unknown using a square piece of paper instead of a compass. These borders lay between the boredom of daily occurrences and the land of dreams bound to come true in Orilandia. These borders change every year, every month, every day.

This land that we have recently started to investigate constantly grows through the efforts of its pioneers. In order to become a citizen of Orilandia you have to study its geography and history. You need to know what have already been done and achieved in the field of origami (the art of paper folding). You will have to read all the numerous books on origami published in our country and practice according to them. It is also absolutely necessary to master the techniques of paper folding, to be able to understand technical drawings and to create them in accordance with folding schemes. It would be useful to read about the oldest residents of Orilandia whose books and studies on origami are well known and popular throughout the world.

In order to travel in Orilandia you will not require rucksacks and hiker shoes. All you need is high quality paper and good guidance. Being equipped in this manner you can start your journey right now. You may even extend the borders of Orilandia by inventing something new. Maybe you will think of a new kind of paper animal or grow a new sort of paper flower. You may build houses or make cars, craft decorations or construct geometrical figures. The possibilities are numerous and unlimited, so let your imagination run wild! Some of us even succeed in discovering completely new areas in the art of paper folding!

The Origami magazine that has been published from 1996 will provide you a good guidance in Orilandia! It gives you a chance to learn all the news as well as tell the others about your own discoveries in the field of origami!

The Origami magazine grows with the development of Orilandia. Starting from this issue its volume has doubled! Look for more in new issues of Origami!

Editor-in-cheif Sergey Afonkin Return to the contents