The former page of the City of Staritsa (Starica), Tver region, Russia

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Horse back rides and trips at Uncle Pasha's Dacha on the Volga near Staritsa between
Moscow & St. Petersburg. Private cottage, laissez faire atmosphere. As little travelled and genuine as it gets. Gentle home-raise animals. Proceed to

The city of Tver will get its own site eventually but for now see

For accommodation in Moscow and elsewhere see  Backpacker accommodation starts at $10/night for famous Catherine's renovated rat-free bomb shelter (  describes the ideology behind the countryside project. That's NOT for clients but for potential participants, and most documents are presently in Russian:

Airport transfer and taxi services:

Errands in Moscow, eg. buying railroad tickets: see Olesya's site

Trans-Siberian train information, tickets procured at local prices plus a very modest service fee: