About PHASIS Publishing House

PHASIS Publishing House was founded in 1991. Our first issues was translations of RAS jornals from Russian into English. Now our main direction is preparing high-quality monographies on Mathematics, Physics and other sciences, including translations into the Russian of issues in English, French and German languages.

Our activity is guided by several edirorial boards which includes scientists leading in corresponding fields of knowledge.

Most issues pass successfully the scientific expertise of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). During the last 5 years more than 80 PHASIS' projects was accepted by RFBR (see page Books in preparation).

PHASIS in close cooperation with other publishing houses created the "Book-Science-Culture Foundation". The main purpose of this new foundation is to maintain the Russian market of scientific publications and to find sources of supporting scientific publication projects.

We are grateful for sponsors of our projects and invite to collaboration all institutes interested in development of scientific publishing.

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