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Bookshelf is small (12K) Java applet for presentation of weblinks on your web page as books on bookshelves. It is free. Sorces are available. You can use it "as is" as you like it.
If you have questions, problems or need some special modifications write me please:
Final version 1.3 -- 01 Jan 2001.
Beta version 1.4 -- 23 Jan 2001.

Samples (you Browser must be Java 1.1 compatible):

English Bookshelf.

Russian Bookshelf (you need cyrillic fonts)
Netscape Communicator may have problems with Java cyrillic on Windows.
If so save this file with name
in Netscape\Program\java\classes directory


20-Mar-00 --- Bug fixed: black colors of vetical books in 256 color mode

03-Apr-00 --- Version 1.2 beta with new features:
1)Titles of books can be redirected. You can use both "bottom to top" (usuall in Russia) and "top to bottom" (usuall in America, I think) directions.
2)Some books can be "turned over".
3)Books can be "packed in boxes". So you can think of them as VC or Computer Games or something else.

22-May-00 --- Version 1.2 final
Bug fixed: incompatibility of "vertical books" with Java2

11-Jul-00 --- Version 1.3 beta
New feature: support of column titles ("chinese style").
19-Jul-00 --- new feature: five Java 1.1 supported fonts can be used
01-Jan-01 --- Version 1.3 final
Bug fixed: very long "chinese style" titles caused crash of applet.

23-Jan-01 --- Version 1.4 beta
New feature: background image can be used as shelf wallpaper
Bug fixed: chinese style titles can be turned
Some doc improvements, new samples, Q&A.

WARNING: about year ago I made some internal "cosmetic" changes in names of directories of Java classes in shelf.jar. So if you download the latest version of bookshelf after using old one be careful about "code" parameter in your html APPLET tag. Now it is to be: code=ru.sakva.bsh.Webshelf.class .


Download Bookshelf Applet and Sources (version 1.3) in ZIP (with english sample) - 50K
Download Bookshelf Applet and Sources (version 1.3) in ZIP (with russian sample) - 54K Download Bookshelf Applet and Sources (version 1.4 beta) in ZIP (with english sample) - 69K

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