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o МГУ Сервер факультета химии МГУ
o РФФИ РФФИ Homepage
o ВИНИТИ ВИНИТИ homepage

Иностранные ресурсы

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o Cheminfo Неплохой каталог химических ресурсов в интернете
o FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Resources for ChemE's
o Elsevier Elsevier Publishing - издатель многих химических журналов
o Electrochemistry Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
o Journals Am. Chem. Soc. Publications Division
o Index Academic Book Center
o MatSci Chemistry of Materials - Browse/Search Selector
o STN STN International
o CAS Chemical Abstracts
o Sigma Sigma, Aldrich and Fluka chemical cataologues
o Acros Acros Chemicals catalogue
o Fisher Fisher Chemical catologues
o VRML in Chemistry Virtual Reality Modellng Language in Chemistry: Possible appications, State of Art, References (article)