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As everybody in this world, or at least in this part of the world, I wear multiple hats. My interests fall into three groups: research, translation and recreation.


One side of my personality is related to research. When you click on the research link on the left, you are caught into a web of my interests in linguistics, philosophy, communication studies (there are links to research projects I'm in, the statement of my interests, my on-line papers, etc). To put the long story short, by doing research I want to understand: what is the nature of the human mind and how do people communicate in the real world?


Another side of my personality is how I earn money. I work as a freelance translator from English and German into Russian. The translation link leads you to my areas of expertise, companies and agencies I work with, standard rates. Also, I provide development of multilingual (English/German/Russian) websites. If you have a job offer, you are welcome.


Yet another link on the left describes how I spend money. The best ways for me are: travels, books, music. In the recreation page I explain my preferences, present experiences and link to relevant resources.


If in doubt which link to choose, contact me: sharoff@aha.ru

Do not claim that I suffer from multiple personality disorder ;-). The little page Map of the site describes the relationship between the personal gists above.

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