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Welcome to my research page

The research persona is also engaged into three topics, which are discussed in greater detail, if you follow the links on the left.

Cognitive science and philosophy

My approach in cognitive science and artificial interlligence presupposes that its topic can be viewed as the computer realization of some sorts of philosophy. This view means the possibility to exchange ideas with classic philosophy of mind. In particular, some notions of Husserl phenomenology can be interpreted in this way, including intentionality, noema-noesis, horizon and internal time consciousness.


My views in linguistics rest on the assumption that language is the resource for exchange of meanings. Such views are related to philosophy of language by later Husserl and Jakobson, systemic-functional linguistics, as developed by Firth and Halliday. Such out-of-the-earth philosophy is linked to the ground by my work in development of natural-language processing applications: multilingual generation and understanding.


My interests in communication studies focus on practices of social communities for creation and maintenance of meanings in the intersubjective space of ideas.

Look at the Map of the site for the relationship between my interests. My CV with a list of publications is also available.

My projects

At the moment I'm involved into three research projects

Meaning and context in a Husserl-inspired model

The individual research project combines my interests in linguistics and cognitive science. It is supported by Soros' network Research Support Scheme under the grant RSS321/1999.

AGILE: Automatic Generation of Instructions in Languages of Eastern Europe

The project is based on multilingual generation from a common semantic representation of the procedural aspects of operations with software in selected languages of Eastern Europe: Bulgarian, Czech and Russian. This project is funded by the European Commission as part of the INCO-Copernicus programme under project grant PL961004.

Corpus-based study of lexical meanings

This project is aimed at the study of It is supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, who awarded me with the fellowship at the Linguistic department of the University of Bielefeld. The project develops Perl-based software for contrastive study of English, German and Russian lexical items.

My current affiliation is the Russian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (RRIAI).
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