Serge Sharoff

Freelance translations from English and German into Russian

In parallel to my graduation in computer science, I earned BA in technical translation in English (also from the Urals State University). Then, I studied German for three years in the Goethe Institute, Moscow.

My experience in translation covers:

Since 1992 I work as a freelance translator for the Russian Patent Agency and the Russian section of WIPO PCT.

Other customers include Hewlett-Packard, Gosduma (the Russian Parliament) and PC-World, the Russian Edition.

I'm also a freelance translator of the multilingual support services division of Xerox.

Basic rate for translation

$0.08 per word (the rate varies depending on the topic of a document, translation volume and urgency).

Daily capacity

up to 3500 words per day (the capacity depends of the degree I'm involved in research and on the text type).

Additional services

In addition to translation, I provide desktop publishing for translated documents and development of web documents for multilingual information presentation (this service does not include extensive graphic embellishments or Java-based controls). Typically, this costs $35 per hour.


MS Windows 98, MS Office 2000, Adobe PageMaker 6.5.

I work with Unicode, CP-1251, CP-866 and KOI-8 encoding for Cyrillic characters.