Discover Russia for yourself!


For years Russia was a mystery for the rest of the world, let alone the Soviet Army. The biggest country of the world was less known than the Moon.

You have read wild guesses and evaluations of experts and saw pictures on TV somebody else prepared for you. It is the time to see by yourself. We have designed and prepared for you safari tours. What is a safari tour? It is a tourist tour with difference. It is military history orientated. We offer no ready-made programs. Why so? Everybody who ever was on tourist trip for sure experienced the necessity to run to see the things he/she rather would not… to end up with mixture of monuments and streets in one head one can not remember the names in a day. We hate that. A man has the right to see what is interesting to him.

Each tour might be adjusted for you on your own choice and possibilities.



Since XIV century Moscow is a capital of Russia. There is much to see. Additionally to the usual set of sightseeing we are offering you to visit:

  • The Central Museum of the Soviet Army.
  • Tank Museum in Kubinka.
  • Air Museum in Monino near Moscow.
  • Polygon in the vicinity of Moscow where you can test real Russian weapons and shot from Kalashnikov submachine gun, grenade launcher, ZSU-23, T-80, 120-mm self-propelled gun, try Army-style dinner. Also, sauna, picnic, all at your choice.
  • The war memorial in Moscow.


Other cities.

Just say which city you want to visit and we will arrange a trip for you. Use this option to see cities like S.Petersburg (Leningrad), Volgograd (Stalingrad).

For real adventure souls…

Join Ekipazh, click to see for details of exploits, and explore the places of old battles.  Unique experience you will not find elsewhere.

 We do not speak now of the security, airport transfers etc. It goes without saying. Contact us for more information. Price details are available upon the request. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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