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John Lawton Discography

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never released anything


  1. Asterix, 1970.

Lucifer's Friend

  1. Lucifer’s Friend (1970)
  2. Where The Groupies Killed the Blues (1972)
  3. I’m Just A Rock’n’Roll Singer (1973)
  4. Banquet (1974)
  5. Mind Exploding (1976)
  6. Good Time Warrior (1979) *
  7. Sneak Me In (1980) *
  8. Mean Machine (1981)
  9. Sumo Grip (1994)

* albums without John Lawton.

Roger Glover And Friends

  1. Batterfly Ball (1974)

Lawton sang one song, called "Little Chulk Blue".

Here is information about this project from:

Ronnie James Dio homepage and Deep Purple homepage

Les Humphries Singers

Lawton sang only few songs on each album. Complete discography available on LHS page.

Uriah Heep

  1. Firefly (1977)
  2. Innocent Victim (1977)
  3. Fallen Angel (1978)
  4. Ten Miles High (1977-79) *
  5. Live In Europe - 79 (1986)
  6. Rarities from the Bronze Age (1992) **
  7. A Time Of Revelation (1996) **

* Bootleg Cd only. Most of tracks belong to unfinished "Five Miles Acetate" sessions in 79.
** A collections of rare unreleased Heep material, featuring Lawton in some songs.

John Lawton

  1. "Heartbeat" (1980)


  1. Stargazer (1983)


  1. Live Your Life Forever (1990)
  2. From Welcome ... too goodbye (1993) *

* This album is third Zar's album, it featured Lawton on only one song – "Eagle's Flight"

Eddie Hardin

  1. Wizard's Convention II (1995)
    (Angel Air Records 1997 (SJPCD009))

There are 15 tracks on this CD. Artists include: Chris Farlowe, Tony Ashton, Eddie Hardin, MikeD'Abo, Paul Jones, John Lawton, Debbie Bonham (John Bonham's sister), Snowy White, Ray Fenwick, Denny Laine, Emma Hardin, Gary Falcone, Peter Jameson, and Chris Thompson.

Songs with John Lawton on vocal:

  • "Someone Sings"
  • "Talking Ain't Cheap" (He shares the vocals on this track with Debbie Bonham)

Information - John Parisi


  1. One Over the Eight (1995) (a cassette only)
  2. Night Heat (1997)

Gunhill is a current John Lawton's band.

Pink Mice

Band consisted of Lucifer's Friend members (excluding John Lawton).

P.S. There were some other projects, finished or not, plus LHS discography isn't quite full.. I KNOW about that other projects - to name, for example, John Peterson's Skyliner, Arc project, DC Law, etc, etc. I'll add info of them when time allow.

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