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Les Humphries Singers Discography (incomplete)

A list of Les Humphries Singers songs
with John Lawton on vocal (incompete too)

LHS CarnivalIt's hard to make a page about one of Alex Gitlin's all-time favourite pop bands, but we'll give it a try. We're planning to come up with a much bigger page, containing more information about the featured artists, history and albums, in the near future. There will also be a new pictures gallery page, containing larger scans of the album covers, front and back.

LHS Singing DetonationLHS was a band of _very_ many singers, usually singing in a choral sing-along style, so it's hard sometimes even to define whether or not John Lawton was involved in some of the recordings, but at least he was imminently present on most album covers! He did sing lead vocals on quite a few songs:

  • Dixie
  • Guy on the Loose
  • Back on Tour Again
  • Something I Saw

and definitely more. LHS These are...Reasons for his collaboration with LHS were mostly "financial", although we imagine it was fun to do at the time, as well. :-)

Vladimir Milovidov

Article taken from Official Uriah Heep homepage

Les Humphries Singers

Les Humphries Singers the singing / pop / gospel band. John Lawton managed to be in for at least 4 years (1970-1974) in parallel with Lucifer's Friend (don't ask me how!): Well, I've been collecting their LPs for a little while now, and the "Humphries watch" has finally paid off:

LHS Mexico

1973 album, "Carnival" features a track called "Something I Saw" (excellent song!) with John Lawton on lead vocals!!

LHS Live In EuropeHis voice is unmistakeable, although there definitely aren't any vocal or instrumental credits on any of the LHS albums (try imagining how much space the credits would've taken there was something like 15-20 people in that band!! :)

Alex Gitlin

LHS Kansas CityLHS One of these days

Album covers scanned by Alex Gitlin

Would you try to find John Lawton on these covers?:-)

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