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Gun Hill:

British GunHill website

Rodrigo Werneck's GunHill site

Uriah Heep:

Uriah Heep Official Homepage

Ken Hensley Homepage

List of Heep links!

UHAS - Internation Heep fanclub

Stay on Top - German Heep fanclub

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Other sources of information:

Roger Glover (a bassist of Deep Purple)

Deep Purple Official Homepage


John Lawton's biography
From the Official Uriah Heep page

Lucifer's Friend entry
in Gibraltar's Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Lucifer's Friend history
from Alex Gitlin's Homepage

Les Humphries Singers entry at
The Lexicon of Groove

Bands and musicians, related to various John Lawton's projects

Eddie Hardin

Alex Gitlin's Official Eddie Hardin page.

Bernie Torme

Bernie Torme is a guitarist, who played on several Ian Gillan solo albums. He played also a couple of gigs with Ozzy Osbourne before Brad Gillis. Chris Jones, ex-Gunhill drummer, plays on new Bernie Torme album, "Wild Irish".

Official Bernie Torme Page

Unofficial Bernie Torme page

Boney M

Although this band usually considered as nearly forgotten 80s disco-heroes of the day, they are still hugely popular in Russia (and, I think, not only...). Liz Mitchel, a lead singer, worked with Les Humphries Singers!

"THE First and Original Boney M Homepage"

James Last Orchestra

Guenter Krueger's James Last pages: or here.

More to appear:

Colosseum 2, Geordie, ...

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Other Interesting music resourses:

Pages about great rock vocalists:

Jeff Scott Soto (Malmsteen, Alex Rudi Pell, Takara, Human Clay)

Ronnie James Dio (Elf, Rainbow, Kerry Livgren, Black Sabbath, solo)

Tony Martin (Alliance, Black Sabbath, Forcefield, solo)

John Wetton (King Crimson, Roxy Music, Uriah Heep, UK, Asia, solo)

Joe Lynn Turner (Fandango, Rainbow, Malmsteen, Mother's Army, solo)

Bruce Dickinson (Samson, Iron Maiden, solo)

Ian Gillan (Episode 6, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, solo)

Alex Gitlin (Silver Star, Mantis, solo)

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Heepsters' rock music links...

Alex Gitlin's:

Just Alex Gitlin's homepage - an awesome list of musical links

Alex Gitlin's Nederpop Encyclopedia - An ancient, but not forgotten Holland pop)

Alex Gitlin's Pick of the Week - Each week - a story about one band from 70s)

Vladimir Milovidov's:

Russian Uriah Heep page - speaks for itself!

Heepster's Highlights - English Heep page.

Rodrigo Werneck's:

Hard Rock table - hard rock news and album reviews.

Visible Faith page - new Ken Hensley's band

Avi Rosenfeld's

Fireball Zone - information centre about power-, speed- and neoclassical metal.

Miguel Terol

Musician's Olympus - a great site about a lot of rock musicians.

Japanese URIAH HEEP Website

"MOONSHINE DREAMER'S WORLD" - by Akiyoshi Takayama.

More links to Heepsters pages in "Thanks" section!

More rock music links:

Online CD shops and record companies. It doesn't mean we're recommending them for buying JL-related material. But you may search them.

CD Now

CD Universe

World Party Music

CD mailorder in Russia

Red Steel Music Home Page - they are remastering Heep albums!

Castle Communications - a label which holds a copyrights for Heep albums.

Repertoire Records - 4 fist LF albums.

Artist Shop mailorder and links - "unsigned" artists and "independent" labels, most of music is quite good - 80s progressive, art-rock, AOR.


Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock - including Lucifer's Friend

All music guide - large music database. Errors-infested, unfortunately.

CD Database - find a song titles to almost everything.

BNR metal pages - an encyclopedia of 80s and 90s metal.

Rock music information, news and link lists:

Classic Rock Mining Company

Edna Metal site - another encyclopedia of 80s and 90s metal.

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