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German record company RM Music & Media, Hamburg, aproached John in May, about singing some Xmas songs for their vast Xmas cataloge. Among the suggested titles was "Free Mee" for which John was asked to write Xmas lyrics. Unfortunately EMI's copyright rules didn't quite agree... although Ken gave his OK... But John has written Xmas lyrics to the Lucifer's Friend hit "You Touched Me With Your Heart" instead.... now called "It's Xmas In Your Heart" (...and sounds great...) John also did a cover version of George Michael's "Last Xmas" :-)) (will be available around Xmas in Germany)

Since the "Free Mee" Xmas version didn't take off, GunHill were asked by "R.M. Music" to re-record the original "Free Mee" version, the '70s Uriah Heep hit, for an autumn release in Germany. The song is still one of a string of favourites over there. ...all songs will be released in Germany by "R.M. Music & Media" Hamburg.

Myrtle we come.... John is flying out to Myrtle Beach in July, to join the Uriah Heep Convention '99, not just as a spectator, but to ..."get up and sing"......and to meet all the Heepsters in person.

Gunhill are getting together during June to make a start on their new CD, scheduled for an autumn release (fingers crossed) in time for their German tour dates.

(from Iris Lawton)

12 June 99.

News update
from Rodrigo Werneck's GunHill info page

"As you can see from the site, we will be going on tour in September/October to Germany. Apart from that we hope to be going in the studio in June and early July to put some new tracks down. Right now the most important thing is to get the band playing as tight as we possibly can.

When Chris (Jones, drums) and Brian (Bennet, guitars) left the band, they were a hard act to follow. GunHill is slowly finding its feet again and the 2 new guys are at last getting to know what we are all about.

That with Ken Hensley, by the way, we have been discussing the possibility of doing a few tracks together, but nothing concrete yet. I am trying to get to the HeepVention '99 at Myrtle Beach in July and have a jam with the guys.

I hope this is a bit of a help, I will keep you posted as to new stuff. Although you guys seem to know what I am doing before I do :-)))). In the meantime, look after yourself and speak to you soon."

John Lawton May 15th, 1999

We're happy to announce...

A British GunHill Website!

Where you'll find all info about Gunhill directly from the band. News, musician's bio, changes, giglist, history and everything you ever wanted to know about GunHill.

This site is completely made by no-one but Iris Lawton - and I'd just say it was splendid job. Good luck!

19 March 99.

Even more lineup changes in Gunhill.

"GunHill had a lot of bad luck lately, with Clive Wick, the drummer, just not cutting it". He works away from home most times and therefore has not enough time for rehearse with the band. After another series of rehearsals, band got new drummer called Justin who already was Gunhill's "stand in" drummer who loves to help out - and looks he'll stay in band. The band played their first gig in this lineup: 
"We had a stonking gig on Friday, a good crowd and lots of support. There were a few cock ups but that was to be expected but on the whole things went well. I am pretty sure that we will stay with Reuben(guitar) he has all the makings of being a great player once he gets over his nerves and Justin(drums)just gets better every time". (John L.)

Read more on British GunHill's website.

7 March 99.

GunHill are now complete!!!!

31. Jan.'99 After an extensive search for a guitarist, someone mentioned a guy called Reuben Kain. He is asked to "audition" after listening to GunHill "stuff" for just a couple of days, offered the "job"....

2. Jan.'99 Rehearsals at Neils studio, to try out a couple of drummers and guitarists. The drummer Clive Vick is eventually asked to join the band. The guitarists on this occasion are unfortunately not successful.

New tourdates: could be found at British GunHill page.

Photos of new musicians: sorry not available yet.

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