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Pink Mice

Pink Mice was a side project of members of Lucifer's Friend. Albums are very hard to find. Here is some little info that I dig out from other pages...

Although it was stated in UHAS fanzine article that John Lawton sang backing vocals on these albums, John himself said he didn't. All tracks on both albums are instrumental with only one being with backing vocals, where it's hard to tell voice for sure.

Thanks to Hiroya Mizushima for the info and cover scans!

PINK MICE play classical music arranged for PROGRESSIVE HARD ROCK style, which has also rather jazzy feelings. The numbers are all instrumental,and backing vocals can be heard on "for Elise":A-2 of "In Action" only ,where I could not recognize John Lawton's voice. There is no personel credit on the cover, but the band is doubtlessly Lucifer's Friend because they play the same phrase as "Bye Bye Sadie"s introduction on "Dichter und Bauer":B-2 of "In Synthesizer Sound".

In Action (EUROPA E456)

A-1.Italienisches Konzert in F-Dur,1.Satz/
Air aus der Suite Nr. 3 in D-Dur/ Italienisches Konzert in F-Dur,3.Satz

A-2."Fİr Elise",Bagatelle a-moll/ Sonate fİr Klavier Nr.14 cis-moll(Mondschein)

A-3.Konzert fİr Trompete und Orchester Es-Dur

B-1.Anitras Tanz,aus "Peer Gynt"

B-2.Sonate fİr Klavier Nr.8 c-moll(PathÕtique), Satz 1-4

B-3.Brandenburgisches Konzert,1.und 3.Satz

In Synthesizer Sound (EUROPA E1011)

A-1.Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr.3,1.Satz

A-2.Capriccio Italien op.45

A-3.TrÄumerei aus "Kinderszenen" op.15

A-4.Marsch aus "Der Nuúknacker"

A-5.Badinerie aus Suite Nr.2,h-moll

B-1.Sonate facile,KV 545,1.Satz

B-2.Ouvertİre "Dichter und Bauer"

B-3.Ein MÄdchen oder Weibchen,Arie des Papageno aus "Die ZauberflÆte"

B-4.Die Wut İber den verlorenen Groschen, Rondo a capriccio,op.129

B-5.Tİrkischer Marsch aus der Sonate A-Dur,KV 331

Here is also info nicked from other sources:

Pink Mice [Germany]

In Action (71), In Synthesized Sound (7?)

ELP-influenced keyboard prog. Supposed to be quite good despite being composed of members of Lucifer's Friend.

(from GEPR)

Pink Mice: In Action (GER) Europa-GER/71

I've always thought this album and their other one, In Synthesized Sound, are true gems. This group takes classical pieces and rocks out on them. Reminds me of ELP or Trace in style; there are no horns like you would usually get with Ekseption. What you do get is lots of heavy keyboards and guitars. By the way, this is actually Lucifer's Friend in disguise. Scarce and great album. SSS, BOC, BTC, RW, SCOBC P+++/F+ $38

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