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Hi there!:)
We welcome you at Viatra AG Moscow!


A T T E N T I O N !
Many things have happened since the last update.
Please, check Guestbook to understand.
This page will soon be replaced with the new one including
"VIATRA - MU$T DIE!" internet (and not only i-net) project.
The page will be dedicated to those "Western" businessmen who cheat and steal from Russia, fool Russian personnel, etc.
(and especially to my ex-boss Peter Ost).

All old links are active, if not then pls inform me by e-mail or simply write down into the guestbook.

Now, as it was before...

Our company is located in Zurich, Switzerland and working in fertilizers' trade.

On one hand: we are doing our business 365/12/52/7/24, but on the other hand: when the work is done we love to go sports, car-racing and rock-music...

And of course we are active FIDO members:
(AKA 2:5020/37.98/323, 323.98/99, 215.6)

Look around and have fun with our Humour.Filtered Archive so far as
Brr's Music Archive and Su.Cars Archive.
As soon as most music archives on the Internet (such as Eagle's Music Archive) mostly have the same stuff as ours, we have included only biographies and interviews of famous rock/blues/r'n'roll musicians.
Please, take in consideration: NO LYRICS HERE!

Check for our Music Links page . There you can find links to Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Alvin Lee, King Crimson, Nina Hagen, Grand Funk and many others.

As for the cars: here you can find various information which can be useful for Russians and of course: the auto- FIDO banner and Carsovka plan:)

Uncle_Brr :)

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