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The Merry Tsarina And Russian Dance,
by Olga Vsevolodskaya-Golushkevich
The First One Hundred Years Of Life Of The St. Petersburg School,
by Marina Ilyicheva
From The Biography Of The First Russian Ballet Company,
by Liudmila Starikova
The Great Russian Playwright Sumarokov and his Ballets,
by Olga Vsevolodskaya-Golushkevich
Gonzaga's Theatre,
by Inna Sklyarevskaya
Didelot's Work In Russia,
by Galina Tikhmeneva
Pushkin's Muse,
by Nikolai Elyash
Ballet In The Russian Provinces,
by Yuri Bakhrushin
Moscow Ballet At The Time Of Schchepkin,
by Natalia Chernova
Marie Taglioni Charms Russia,
by Natalia Godzina
Fanny Elssler's Russian Seasons,
by Natalia Godzina
The Earliest Russian Giselle,
by Natalia Godzina
Arthur Saint-Leon,
by Liudmila Linkova
Vaclav Reisinger,
by Galina Chelombitko
Christian Johansson: Petipa's Great Associate,
by Natalia Zozulina
My Recollections,
by Lev Ivanov
Ballet In Letters Of Tchaikovsky,
by Olga Gerdt
The Secret Of ''Swan Lake's Magic,
by Sergei Korobkov
Russian Ballet in caricatures
Petipa's Choreographic Style,
by Vadim Gayevsky
Vitebsk's Festival


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