Natalia Ledovskaya


Natalia Ledovskaya is one of the best representatives of the Moscow school of choreography, which blends immaculate ballet technique with spirited performance and exquisite artistry. Very few of young contemporary female ballet dancers possess such qualities as emotional verve and high-spirited brilliant performance which accentuate the perfect classical form. Her radiant talent makes Natalia Ledovskaya an ideal Kitry: flamboyant, charming, rivelling in her dance. She daringly performs breathtaking, extremely difficult variations and she is absolutely in her element as a comedy actress.

However, her talent is multifaceted: she can equally well convey lyricism, tragedy and the fervent ardour of passions. Her classical heroines are result of her subtle and painstaking effort, her selfless devotion to art. Her Juliet («Romeo and Juliet», choreography by Vladimir Vasilyev) is a soul revealed in an upsurge of emotions. Her Giselle is an ingenuous and vulnerable heart. The delicate Medora («Corsair»), the charming Masha («Nutcracker»), the enamoured Esmeralda («Esmeralda») - in all this roles she primarily aspires to be an actress in her dance; all her classical characters radiate her individual charm.

Natalia Ledovskaya astonished by the lightness and swiftness of her spring, the virtuosity of her pirouettes, the amazing fixity of her poses, the filigree exactness of performance in extremely difficult classical repertoire. All these qualities, combined with her free plastic movement and youthful spontaneity, make her interpretations of classical roles inexplicably enchanting.

The young ballerina’s craft is vividly demonstrated in her performance of modern choreography. She has worked with such famous choreographers as Dmitry Bryantzev («Hunchback horse» music by R. Shchedrin, «Bravo Figaro!» music by A. Kolker, «Othello» music by A. Machavariani), Vladimir Vasilyev («Romeo and Juliet»), Alex Ursulyak, Alexei Ratmansky and Marina Nikitina.

Natalia Ledovskaya dances brilliantly in «The evening Dances» by Tom Shilling, in lyrical duet from «The Phantom Ball» by D. Briantzev and in Tchaikovsky’s Pas de deux by George Balanchine.

The diversity of modern choreography helps to unravel the many facets of the young ballerina’s talent. She is clearly fascinated by the modernist and neo-classical styles, as well as jazz.

When mastering new plastic styles and forms, Natalia Ledovskaya never forgets that she is at her best in the classical repertoire. It is there that her femininity and force of her dance are so clearly manifested. It allows to create masterpieces and strive for perfection. Her irresistible Bacchante from «The Walpurgis night» or the ethereal Sylphide provide two brilliant arguments in favor of classical ballet. a determined and daring performer, always ready to take risks bordering on the impossible, Natalia Ledovskaya loves dance art for the beauty and expressiveness of its forms.

Her talent has won international acclaim. She has won some international competitions awards and has successfully toured such ballet capitals as Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Buenos-Aires, Caracas and others. The frail and charming, delicate but untiring Natalia Ledovskaya is a genuine prima-ballerina and a star.

She is the mother of a cute small daughter and as an outgoing and cheerful person she has always enjoyed her colleagues’ affection from the very first days she started her work in the Musical Theatre Named after Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Natalia Kolesova

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