I am not sure if anyone can do this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. In principal, a master (a teacher) teaches a student immediately correcting and directing him if it is necessary. Also in the very first steps of the educational process a master uses direct influence on the studentís mind, so that he could understand and feel everything. A master speaks and leads the student with his voice, while here we here have only a text. All the techniques I am writing here about require you to practice all the methods described in chapter Psychology and Hypnosis (at least for a few days).

So, the power magic. In the power magic one uses contact with the power (further cp) for all sorts of influence. There are no ceremonials or ritual dances. You cannot make money with it as your patient will not see you doing any of those habitual acts seen in movies or TV. All the techniques require immediate effect WARLOCK - patient. All the techniques are very simple and seem to be improbable, try them and you will see them work. The power magic corresponds to the techniques of influence, in principal everything called magic and witchery before 19.... is todayís hypnosis and psychology.

CP. Relax, put away all your thoughts and emotions. Try to use self-hypnosis technique. In this process imagine a black cloud enshrouding you (everyone imagines different things, a cloud can be tenacious, windy or it can be just a feeling of black emptiness etc.), gather all your thoughts in one small ball, the ball grows smaller and smaller and disappears, instead of this ball you get a strange sense somewhere in the nape, it feels like a tiny ball pulsing and vibrating at 40 - 50 hertz frequency, it increases until the pulse and the vibration captures all your body. Sit in this state for a while (1-3 minutes), then do everything in the backward order leaving the state. Later you will be able to come into the CP state as soon as you wish it.

Now you meet the power. On the next stage you should learn how to accumulate the power. Come into the CP state, imagine you are in a dark tunnel (some imagine a tunnel, some infinity around etc.) and stay there. The power accumulates while you are there.

In principal, the dark cloud and the tunnel are the same. The difference is that in the cloud you are in static while in the tunnel you can move.

A couple of examples:

Trips in time.

Come into the CP state, then imagine a tunnel and you moving into a room that looks like a sky with stars. The stars are everywhere - above, beneath, from all sides. After that, aim at the place where you want to be (feel this place, the house etc.). You will feel as an unknown power takes you toward one of the stars, the star will get closer and closer until it turns into a world you wanted to be. Also one can just walk around these worlds approaching any of the stars, another can find a teacher there.

Making injury.

Come into the CP state, imagine the objectionable man in front of you. He must be white on the black background. Then make him dissolve in the background. Now the injury is made.

Voodoo magic.

Come into the CP state, imagine the objectionable man as a small figure (you should feel him completely), then imagine you sticking pins into the figure. Of course it will not be like they show in movies, nevertheless the result will be excellent.

Taking off the injury.

Seat the injured person in front of you, come into the CP state, imagine a fire ball around the person. Talk to the fire, ask it to take off the injury.


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