If you want learn more you will need to practice previous techniques at least for 1-2 months. Accessing the next pages only possible with password. If you train for a few moths you will have a subconscious wish. This wish is the word you need to continue your studies. So try to find the word.

(Username and password are the same word).

However there is another way to get the password. If you will write me a letter with phrase “I will study it” then I will reply you with the password after 1-2 months.

P.S. If I did not reply to your letter or to your question during a moths (for password – two) – write once again. But if I didn’t reply you second time when it is mean that I left internet because of lack of resources.

The password on continuation of training I shall send only to addresses received through ..... .

Will enter the name and E-MAIL and " I will study it" automatically will come to me by mail.




I would like to ask you. If you liked the studying and you have progress then please send me a few dollars if you have some spare money. Just imagine how much money you would spend for taking similar courses not on internet

Attn: If you decided to write a letter try to find a friend who speaks Russian and write it in Russian (you can do it using English letters if your system does not support CP1251). In other circumstances write in English but your answer will be in average readability level because I use a translator – program to translate incoming and outgoing letters.

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