MOUNTAIN-DRIVE from Florian Schlumpf

In November our firm received this unit from Florian Schlumpf for experimental installation on our trike. Quality is high! We would like to re-design our frame (trike) for using this unit and after successful tests to recommend it to our customers. We had tested it in the first time in 23/12/2000 (see “Zenit LG” page) and going to continue in this January.


Detail information see after receiving this unit.


Disc Brakes for New Models of 2001


We did our choice in this field: in next year our orderers can use for their trikes two types of disc brakes from well-known manufacturers. Other of them is Louise from Magura, other is MD-1 from Formula. The first step will be re-designing of rear beam. Next step will be re-designing of front wheel brackets. Both brakes have the same points for mounting. Louise is hydraulic brake. MD-1 is lightest mechanical brake. Obviously, the price for both frames no will be big difference, my be it will be the same, but our customers can have the trike conforming to their possibilities.

The Project:

Rear Beam for Mounting of Magura Disc Brake

We are beginning to design the universal rear beam for all trikes from A.S. Engineering. Its can renovate old trikes (S325-S327) and also gives new quality for new models (Zenit L and Zenit LG). You can use the standard hub for Magura Disc Brakes.


Test of new Rear Beam, Fork-type

We shall plan to receive the fork before the end of this January. After month of tests we want to offer it for market. It will be to mind we become to re-designing our frame for using best brake systems from well-known manufacturers.

Start of International Co-Operation

In the end of February, 2000 A.S. Engineering received Cane Creek air-shock from USA. This fact is the start of co-operation between our firm and our American firm-partner for creation of new generation of Russian requmbents. This program will be continue within 6-8 months.



Our firm continues the co-operation with our American partner for definition of Zenit LG's opportunities on the local market. In nearest days this rear beam with latest design will ship to American firm. Our target is appraisement of manufacturing opportunity for standard constructions and experimental painting in USA.


The painted rear beam was received on 09 June 2000 from American partner. The color is type like RAL9006 metallic aluminum. The quality is beautiful. It must be to satisfy to high requests of our future customers.

The next information concerning the co-operation we shall present after signing our joint documents.