In nearest time you can find our recommendations concerning winter operation of our trike. Remember, in any case, after riding in winter you need to clear and to dry driving system, steel parts and bearings. Also greasing them.

We can offer method of repair thread M8x0,75 and way for changing two hydraulic attach brake systems for one system (like for rear beam). It is present-day for S327/Zenit L trikes.


Also we shall tell how right to adjust our brakes.

If within of operation of our product you find any manufacturing defect you can apply for help to our firm. You need to do some steps and to fill the Claim Form:

claim form ( 2.9k) 2,9 k

Your steps after any problems with the product:

1. If you met any problem with operation of the product you need to fill the form and send it by e-mail to us. (pcx., jpg, doc, bmp - files)

Before receiving of our reply, please, do not use your trike.

2. After preliminary examination of your incident our firm can ask you about additional information (photos, scetchs and etc.)

3. After determination of causes of the incident our firm will adopt a decision concerning your incident (replace by warranty, selling, repair and etc.)

Transportation charges are not included.