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Start of The Project:
MARCH 1999

Research Continued:
MAY 1999 - APRIL 2000

Full Assemblage:
31 MAY 2000

First Ride and Beginning of Delivery:


For the first time our construction has a special plates in weld places. As result we reduced stress for 30-40% in these zones. Its mind increasing of operation resource for 30% and "Zero"-probability of failure in weld zones.

Zenit L:

Max Comb Stress Diagram
(without weld reinforcement)

Zenit LG:

Max Comb Stress Diagram
(with weld reinforcement)




The first pictures of some main frames of Zenit LG in welding workshop.



The main frame of the Zenit LG. All new ideas and decisions are confirmed. Now our customers have a opportunity more simple transportation of the frame(front wheel beam is separable). But there is not necessary to remove a cycle drive system. It keeps your time for assemblage of the frame after transportation.



July 2000: preliminary assemblage of the first Zenit LG. Assembly was made without any problems. The first results are following:

1. Change of construction improved the design. Zenit LG looks more cool and dynamic.

2. Assembly became more simple. Also you have a opportunity to disjoin the trike keeping most of adjustments.

3. Dimension is not change practically.

Max length......1880 mm

Max widht.......835 mm

Max height......790 mm

But the main results we receive after road tests. Now we are preparing the Zenit LG for it.

There was made unification of in-put hydrosystem holes of the front and the rear brakes. New system became more reliable than for previous products.
These plates reduced stresses on welding lines of whole construction. From other side they became original line of the new design of the Zenit LG.


Zenit LG successfully passed the first test drive on 12 August of 2000. It tested within 1 hour without any breakages. In the first ride we used slick tyres from VREDESTEIN. We plan to second test ride with BAD MAX from SCHWALBE in September 2000.



In September we did the second test of new Zenit LG. We used velocomputer Sigma 600 and lights from Cat Eye. We rode more 4 kilometres. All systems worked very good.



Opps! ... there is continue:

23/12/2000 we tested the frame for the contract #5-US with experimental carbon wheel and received drive-system from Florian Schlumpf.

Mountain-Drive must test for long ride. Unfortunately, we can test it only some minutes in small area. But we are sure, for long distance with flat relief it can be best solution. Obviously, in this case you can have a maximum speed. Next test of this system we shall plan for the second part of January, may be in winter condition.

Carbon wheel. This wheel was made in Uljanovsk (Russia). Weight with Al. hub, 2 bearings, tube and tyre from Vredestein is 2 kg. And assembled ordinary wheel (with spokes) has 2,5 kg. Winnings in 500 gr. for one wheel! Or 1,5 kg for complete trike! But we must test it good.

See next photos of Zenit LG in green colour.


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  From 1st September we offer our customers frame Zenit LG for 3 sizes.

Size T1 is for stature 1,55 - 1,75 m. Max trike length 1690 mm

Size T2 is for stature 1,70 - 1,95 m. Max trike length 1830 mm

Size T3 is for stature 1,90 - 2,20 m. Max trike length 1935 mm

Other main dimension we did not changed.